Making things easier with technology: water heater

Our world revolves around technology and we created technology on one simple mindset “ease of use”.

Ease of use

Everything primitive has an alter ego high-tech gadget or appliance nowadays, the old iron now has the electric iron, the hand washing has the ever reliable washing machine, the cooking of rice thru wood fire now has been replaced by rice cookers, cooking food thru fire now has the gas range or the oven to replace it and one of the most relaxing things that you do after a stress full day of work (warm bath) has heaters that  can easily heat water in a matter of minutes.

water heater singapore

Why were water heaters reimagined into a high-tech machine that can get water heated in minutes instead of using the old grandma’s burner to make water hot? Because people need a warm bath, people know that it can help them with their well-being and they know that even a simple warm bath can make a lot of difference from a stressed person to a distressed person and the effect is instantaneous if they have a machine that can heat water in seconds to minutes. There is a stable and even a growing need for this that it just needs to be transformed into something that is easy to use while providing the same therapeutic effect to a person. Why there is a stable or a growing need for this in Singapore and not in some other countries? Think about it, we don’t have snow so why do we need heaters anyway?

The reason is the need for it, for therapy, for relaxation and because we really need it for any uneventful events. It’s not just to counter the cold but for something else and because heat has a lot of health benefits people get a nice warm bath. If you think about the Singapore market we have people that works all the time, Singapore is probably the most industrious city around, the environment here is fast phase. You got workers and at the end of a stressful day a nice cold beer won’t be enough without a nice warm bath.

Water heater needs

There is a need for a water heater in Singapore and people have bought water heaters here mostly via online shopping and if you want the best water heaters around visit FurnitureSG.