Interesting History About Blackout Curtains

Did you know that black out conditions were imposed during the Second World War, when air raids were imminent. This was a safety measure adopted so that houses did not show any light which might make them a target for bombers. Hence, those who lived through such times would probably associate the same with air raids that were terrifying times for sure.

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Modern uses of blackout curtains

Notwithstanding the history behind such curtains, they also have several beneficial uses. Usually such curtains are made of heavy materials that block out sunlight in areas where the sun is strong during the daytime, such as in desert regions. In contrast with ordinary curtains that are usually made of light fabrics that allow air and some light to filter through, blackout curtains are made out of thick linen, polyester or linen fabrics as well as have satin lining as well. As in olden times tapestry window covers were made of heavy fabrics that also included materials like velvet. Such materials ensured that outside light could be blocked out completely to keep in the coolness of the rooms or keep in the heat during cold months.

When you wish to keep the lights out while sleeping, especially when you have erratic working hours like night shifts, you need blackout curtains. These help to create a night like environment in your room as well as help to reduce external noises. Blackout curtains are also advocated for eco friendly homes. If you wish to conserve energy usage in your home, blackout curtains will help to keep your rooms cool during hot days and keep in the warmth that ensues from the radiators during cold winter months. It is easy to order in such curtains for your Singapore home through online portals, simply by giving the dimensions you require.